Fresh Fruit Platter
Fresh fruits artfully arranged with fresh berries
Crudités Platter
Chilled fresh and specialty vegetables accompanied with our house made ranch dip 
Mezze Platter
Mediterranean style vegetarian platter with house made hummus, grilled marinated eggplant, roasted peppers, fresh cherry mozzarella cheese, olives 
Chilled Salmon
A platter of cold poached salmon served with sliced fresh cucumber, lemon-dill cream 
Your choice of one: lime chicken, grape-almond-grilled chicken, or mushroom-roast  pepper quesadillas served with fresh house made salsa 

Kim Bop Korean Style Sushi Rolls
Sushi roll filled with rice, teri beef, shredded carrot, choi sum, and
pickled radish

Wrap Platter
Your choice of two of our signature wraps cut sushi style (wide selection available) 
Shrimp Cocktail
Large cooked and peeled shrimp served with house specialty cocktail sauce and lemon. 
Inari Sushi
Seasoned deep fried tofu pockets stuffed with seasoned rice mixed with various local flavors 
BBQ Grill
Marinated meats grilled to perfection from our grill includes kalbi beef, char siu chicken, char siu pork, and teriyaki chicken - customer favorite

Pasta Salad
Signature grilled vegetable pasta salad dressed with sesame lemon vinaigrette and fresh herbs

Dessert Assortment
Baked signature desserts served petit four style
All platters subject to availability.

Platters serve approx 8-10 people and require 24-48 hours advance notice, cancellation is 48 hours.

Prepayment is required, have your credit card ready if calling in order.

 Prices and menu subject to change without notice

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