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Plates come w/ white or brown rice (specify when ordering) & toss greens w/ our honey mustard house made dressing.

Mini plates are the same just smaller portions of full plate. Plates are NOT sandwiches.

Rice or Toss salad can be substituted for French Fries or Mac salad for $1.50.

Most sandwiches are made w/ lettuce, tomato, onion & mayo with the following exceptions:

- portobello mushroom, portobello mushroom burger, chicken eggplant, grilled veggies & grilled chicken: find description along side the menu item specials below.

                                             DO NOT FAX ORDERS

please specify                sandwich -mini- full plate

char siu chicken                 $5.75  $7.50  $9.00 >tender grilled chicken , chinese red sauce marinade

char siu pork                       $5.50  $7.25  $8.50 >plumb pieces pork, chinese red sauce marinade

chicken breast                    $7.50  $7.50  $9.00  >on homemade foccacia w/ a fruited mustard sauce

teriyaki chicken                   $5.75  $7.50  $9.00  > house made teriyaki sauce

teriyaki beef steak              $7.50    n/a     $11.00   >thin sliced tender beef marinated & grilled a local favorite

hamburger                          $5.75  $7.50   $10.00  >house made hamburger patty  w/ onions & gravy

teri burger                            $6.00  $7.50   $10.00  >house made burger & teriyaki sauce

grilled ahi steak                  $9.00 $10.50  $13.75  >sandwich w/ wasabi aioli - plates w/ wasabi ginger sauce

grilled salmon                    $9.00  $10.50  $13.75 >special miso ginger sauce

portobello mushroom       $6.25  $7.50    $10.50  >Chef's special balsamic marinade

grilled vegetables              $7.25      n/a      $8.75  >eggplant, zucchini, onion, red bell pepper on
                                                                                          our house made foccacia bread

combo (teri chick sand)     $8.75  >includes xtra crispy french fries and toss salad (no subs)

mix plate                                $10.00 >teri chicken, char siu pork, hamburger patty, rice & toss salad

surf & turf plate                     $16.75 >garlic shrimp, wasabi ahi, teri chicken, teri beef, & char siu w/salad on the side

bbq pork rib plate                 $11.50 >paniolo BBQ sauce rice & toss salad

kal bi beef rib plate              $11.50 >marinated to perfection grilled short ribs, w/rice & toss salad-customer favorite!

ny steak plate                       $12.50 >NY steak cooked to perfection rice & toss salad (specify temp)

portobello burger                 $9.25 >portobello mushroom & hamburger, toasted bun

portobello burger plate       $11.00 >portobello mushroom & hamburger, rice & toss salad

portobello chicken plate     $11.00 >portobello mushroom,chicken breast w/ rice & toss salad

portobello chicken sandwich $9.25 >grilled chicken breast, portobello mushroom on toasted bun

chicken eggplant sandwich   $9.00 >grilled chicken breast, eggplant, marinara sauce, pesto & feta cheese

chicken eggplant plate         $11.00 >same as above but served w/rice and toss salad

shrimp plate                           $13.25 >garlic marinated & grilled w/rice and toss salad

salad entree
grilled ahi salad   $11.25 >made with mesculin greens, oriental dressing

grilled salmon salad   $11.25 >made with mesculin greens, honey mustard dressing

chinese chicken salad   $10.25 >mesculin greens, char siu pork, herb chicken, sesame seeds, won ton strips, oriental

portobello salad   $9.75 >made with mesculin greens,sliced portobello mushroom, grilled onions

other sides

add portabello mushroom   $5.25

side grilled vegetables   $6.75 > kabocha pumpkin, zucchini, eggplant, corn, red pepper, grill onion

french fries   $3.50 > twice fried…crispy you'll really like these!

side green salad   sm $3.75 lg $6.00  >served w/house made creamy honey mustard dressing

order mac/potato salad   $3.50  >made with surumi- delicious! (fish product)

cheese   $0.50

white or brown rice  $2.00

drinks sm $1.50 med $2.00 lrg $2.50
dr pepper, sprite, coke,
diet coke, fruit punch, root beer, orange soda, and unsweetened tea

drink specials, made daily sm $2.50 med $3.00 lrg $3.50
popular house made plantation iced tea or honey lemonade

All menu items and prices are subject to change and availability

Desserts are available from our fresh Bakery located in the Market


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